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Television / Film / Theatre


Bud TV, Web Series (host)
OrangeSpot Pilot-Zane Busby. Conan Berkley
Unsettled Scores Pilot-ESPN Red line Films, Thom Stukas
AMC Host – Rainbow Media, Nancy McKenna
TCM Host -Turner, Darcy Hettrich
Junkyard Wars Hosts – TLC,Gena McCarthy/Nat Grouille
VH1-Name That Video – VH1, Barbara Barna
Breakfast In Bed – AMC, Jessica Falcone
Invader Zim (original casting) – Nickelodeon, Mary Harrington, Jhonen Vasquez
Dog Boy (original casting) – Nickelodeon, Mary Harrington, Jhonen Vasquez
Untitled Talk Show-Tri-Star, Gail Steinberg
Daily Show – Comedy Central, Lizz Winstead
Deep Water Black – Empire Entertainment, USA Network/Sci-Fi channel
Morning Breath – Turner Network Television
American Pop Channel Host, – AMC, Jessica Falcone


See You Next Summer – Scarlett Turner, Director
First Serve – Armando Vernet
Tex, The Passive-Aggresive Gunslinger – Brian Sawyer, Director
Coop – Jordan Evans, Director
Step Motion Step – Carissa McElray, Director
Greta – Tanner Cusumano, Director
Our Way to Fall – Justin Titcomb, Director
Catherine – Sebastien Nuta, Director
Motor Masa – Oliver Zaciu, Director
The Chocolate Soldier – Jackson Smith, Director
A Faceless God – Karina Aldape, Director
Amal – Nour Oubeid, Director
Chompy & The Girls – Skye Braband, Director
Take Me Home – Oliver Zaciu, Director
Julie Wants A Girlfriend – Melissa Leardi, Director
Home – Brandon Greenstone, Director
Do (NOT) Be Afraid – Jaime Laster, Director
Duet – Lucas Bugbee, Director
Mama’s Secret – Sergio Zaciu, Director


Moon Over Buffalo, North Coast Rep, Matthew Weiner, Director
Mandate Memories, North Coast Rep, David Ellenstein
Fallen Angels, North Coast Rep, David Ellenstein
Gun Metal Blues, North Coast Rep, Andrew Barnacle, Director
Now You See It, North Coast Rep, Ben Cole, Director

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